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Why Developers Should Choose A National Supplier For Their Fitness Space


The amenity race is raging, and multifamily developers are trying to create unique amenities that not only help fill up buildings with high-quality tenants, but can give these tenants the best bang for their buck.

The most common and effective multifamily amenity spaces are fitness centers, but CYBEX business development manager Brad McLam and Gym Source's Thomas Jackowski say many are unaware just how much thought is required to create a well-designed, unique fitness center.

It’s tempting, they say, to just rely on one of countless local equipment providers, but Thomas and Brad believe a national provider that represents a high-quality brand can help in two major ways.

A Higher, Broader Standard


When working with clients all across the country, you’ll have to deal with a variety of different expectations and standards in order to create a space that even the choosiest of developers or landlords will be proud to stand behind.

“No matter what market or property, a client has their needs and criteria for design, quality, warranty, uniqueness, looks and customer service requirements,” Thomas says. “And, in order for a client to achieve that, they need to work with a company that can work on that level and understand what it takes to deliver a standard that works in every market.”

In Thomas and Brad’s experience, a national brand is the only kind of company that can consistently accomplish that, no matter the industry. Clients trust a developer like Toll Brothers, Thomas explains, not only because they recognize the Toll name, but because they know—from a customer service and warranty perspective —they’re going to get a product that will last.

Brad agrees, noting that while there may be no standard fitness center in Miami or New York or LA, a national brand can help create that standard with consistent quality. The way to do that, Thomas tells Bisnow, is to make sure the design, delivery and service processes have the absolute best procedures that guarantee high quality, precision and cost efficiency simply out of reach of smaller companies, which don’t have the financing, staffing, skill set, warehouses, technicians or installers to keep the project under budget.

“Gym Source, for example, is the largest equipment dealer distributor in the US, with warehouses, logistical and services hubs throughout the country, including AZ, GA, FL, NY, NJ and MA,” Thomas explains. “By offering CYBEX products, we guarantee consistency and a level of quality, durability, superior performance, as well as customization options. When owners and landlords work with Gym Source or CYBEX, they know that the process is seamless and very cost effective, because that’s where we—and other national brands—shine.”

Better Fundamentals and Superior Customization


Many developers Thomas and Brad work with may be working on their first fitness center project, and understanding the core fundamentals of a fitness center or amenity space—location, design, power, hygiene— for which the margin of error is zero and a sharp, experienced eye is required is key. Even once a strong foundation has been laid, there are numerous questions that must be answered for a specific market.

“You have to think about the environment you’re putting it in,” says Thomas. “Who's using it? What is the perceived market? What are you trying to achieve with this amenity? Understanding demographics is critical,” Thomas says. “The first impressions are the most lasting.”

National experience is extremely useful, Thomas says, as companies with such a network have accumulated wisdom about what different demographics are seeking in an amenity space. For example, a gym with an urban, industrial design ethos appeals to a young Brooklyn market much more than a gym with a polished wood, country club feel, but the latter may fit much better on Wall Street.

But where national fitness companies shine is having the design know-how to bring a building’s design philosophy into the amenity spaces, avoiding the “mix and match” mentality some developers attempt that “can send a conflicting message from a marketing perspective.” In other words, they can make sure that every aspect of your building, from the lobby to the gym, perfectly matches with the aesthetic your demographic loves. And considering you’ll have the guarantee of a higher standard, you’ll know that they’ll get the most out of the space.

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