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What to Look For in Leasing Software


Leasing software has become a hot topic. The right software can eliminate the administrative burden on leasing teams and asset managers, while providing insights that were never possible when data was buried in multiple spreadsheets and emails. LeaseLinks co-founder Eric Johnston was one of the earliest entrants into the field in 2009 with He explains how his 15 years of experience and $30B of institutional transactions drove him to create the next generation of CRE software. He shows us what LeasePipeline features, and what to look for when shopping for leasing software:

· Pipeline Tracking – The simple stuff: Gather basic deal information from inquiry through execution.

· Budgeting – Allow comparison of deals to budgeted terms—and have the ability to handle the many nuances that inevitably arise.

· Inventory Management – Provide visibility into vacancy as well as upcoming rollover.

· Options & Encumbrances – Track encumbered space, and provide warnings when deals may interfere with an encumbrance.

· Approvals – Follow a company’s deal approval workflow—and reduce the time required to get a deal approved.

· “Real-Life” Lease Models – Permit the modeling of any leasing scenario—both simple and complex.

· Lender & Investor Compliance – Flag deals when approvals are required.

· Reporting – Provide a robust reporting library with thousands of possible reports.

For more info on our educational partner, LeasePipeline, click here.