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Drones in Real Estate Could Be an $80B Industry Over the Next Decade


Citing the government, drones in real estate could be an $80B business over the next 10 years, with 100,000 new jobs created, a recent NBC report says. 

While the numbers sound grand, there could be some truth to the lofty projectionsDon Cooley, a Florida real estate agent, says drones help both developers and brokers, capturing panoramic shots of properties and surrounding areas.

A report shows real estate agents’ profits soared nearly 30% after utilizing drones, with both manufacturers and brokers claiming boosts in business. “If you don’t stay on top of technology in the real estate industry," Cooley warns, "your business will start to fade."

Nobody wants their business to fade, but nobody wants to get slammed with a $27.5k to $250k fine, either.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, all drones weighing more than half a pound to 55 pounds need to be registered starting Monday or be subject to a fine—or prison time. Final registration date is Feb. 19. [WJHG]