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The Simple Trick To Leasing Space Faster


Leasing commercial real estate is about showing the client the potential that a space possesses. You can present a raw space empty.

If you’re feeling ambitious, you can spend a bunch of time, money and other resources on another broker event. Or, you can leverage the most prolific producer of industry events on the continent and show your space buzzing with industry leaders as they attend topical, informative seminars and can’t-miss networking sessions.


Sound too good to be true?  Maybe it should be.  

We’ve spent the last few years bringing dozens of our industry-leading events to the most dazzling spaces owned by the most prominent developers across our 31 markets.  

When it was time to redefine downtown New York, Brookfield hosted us at Brookfield Place, and Silverstein Properties brought us in to shine the light on 4 World Trade Center. 

We're not leaving out Midtown. The Durst Organization hosted a Bisnow event when it was time to show off space at 4 Times Square. 

Still not sold? Harbor Point Development COO Ted Ferrarone certainly is. 


Last May, Ted invited Bisnow to host an event at his then-empty 2200 Atlantic St project in Stamford, CT. And then this May, just a few short blocks away, he brought us back to host an event at his Silicon Harbor campus.

Both sleek, modern projects, the spaces offer tremendous upside to whomever claims them first. The opportunity to bring the lion’s share of the target market to each property’s front door in one fell swoop gives leasing teams a coveted edge.

Ted tells Bisnow the best thing about the events is the ability to bring a cross section of real estate professionals together at a unique space.

“You bring together people from all across the market and you bring them to a unique space, that—in a lot of cases—people haven’t seen before,” Ted says.

The event environment allows brokers to view a property while it is filled to capacity with representatives of potential tenants. This spurs both a sense of urgency and a real-life preview of what a space will be like when it is deployed for full-time use. The best-in-class panel content doesn’t hurt either.

Ted also says projects such as these may have attracted interest when they were first announced, but brokers may have forgotten about them during development. Events are the perfect way to put a new property or a refurbished space back at the forefront of the industry’s collective thoughts.

“Hopefully, next year we will host another Bisnow event,” says Ted. 

Do you have space that you’re looking to lease or show off? Contact Tyler Fisher at to host one of our events.