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The Latest Athlete Tearing Up The Real Estate Arena: Ex-NY Jet Steve Maneri


Former NFL Jets tight end Steve Maneri is diving into the shark-infested waters of real estate, coming on board with Colliers International after five years of working the gridiron.

Steve is following in a line of NFL stars turned real estate pros, joining the likes of Hall of Famers Roger Staubach and Emmitt Smith in a pursuit of property—breaking the (sadly) common occurrence of pro athletes losing their cash when they leave the game.

Giants tight end Howard Cross, who had a similar path as Steve, tells the Commercial Observer that the transition from pro athlete to broker makes sense.

“What I will say about athletes is, if you are a successful athlete, it means you are a grinder,” Howard says. “The things that made you a great athlete should make you a great broker.” [CO]