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The Fabulous Real Estate Of David Bowie


Just this week, news broke that trend-setting music icon David Bowie passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer. What many didn't know about the great glam rock god was Bowie's impressive financial acumen, innovative approach to wealth management, and a penchant for property accumulation.

Turns out you can see “major Tom’s” property portfolio from space—here's the rundown of the late, great Bowie's real estate.

Bowie had a $25M tropical hideaway specially built on the celebrity-covered private island of Mustique, a spot he named "Mandalay." The exclusive location also housed Mick Jagger and Jeremy Clarkson. If you ask Bowie, “Mustique is a fantasy island.” 

Bowie snagged the stunning Château du Signal in Switzerland, a place fit for European royalty. And that's not hyperbole, either; it was actually built for a Russian prince around 1900. Before the "Disco King" moved in, the castle-like estate was owned by Albert Mermoud, founder of the Book Guild, from 1932 to 1982. 

Ziggy Stardust's alter ego snatched up two NYC penthouses at 285 Lafayette Street for a cool $4M from developer Allied Partners in 1999.

He also bought a chic 5.2k SF loft at 704 Broadway for $1.5M. The rocker was too busy being uber-famous to ever live in it before putting it back on the market for $1.85M.

Bowie was lovestruck by Australia after playing concerts in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney in 1978. In fact, he loved it so much he decided to pick up an apartment in the uber-luxurious Kincoppal building of Sydney's Elizabeth Bay.

He used his luxury digs as a base for outback and Queensland rainforest adventures through the '80s before selling it in 1992 after marrying supermodel Iman—who gave him more than enough reasons to stay at home.