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Real Estate Rivalries: Donald Trump vs. Mort Zuckerman


If you like to keep up with Donald Trump on Twitter, you may have noticed the presidential hopeful has been hurling insults at another real estate legend: Boston Properties Chairman and New York Daily News publisher Mort Zuckerman.

Trump's Twitter tirade began on Feb. 10, The Real Deal reports: 

And it continued the next day...

And the day after that:

Why is the Donald calling Zuckerman "dopey" and "little" and all sorts of other names? The reason seems to be a series of not-so-flattering front pages that Zuckerman's Daily News dedicated to Trump since he announced his intention to run for presidency.

The Clown theme dates back to 2011, when the NY Daily News first published a cover mocking Trump's presidential aspirations. 

At the time, Trump responded by claiming that the Daily News was being "disloyal" and that he had "saved" the paper during the 1980s and 1990s. Zuckerman denied the allegations.  

Add to the equation that Zuckerman, a known Democrat, has had more success as a real estate investor; inevitably, that's a touchy subject for Trump, who—despite all his self-proclaimed achievements—has declared multiple bankruptcies over the years. [TRD]

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