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No Goal Is Too Far-Reaching For Bisnow UK Business Manager Freddie Keyworth

Bisnow Director Toby Carling (left) and UK Business Manager Freddie Keyworth (right) enjoying the content at a Bisnow event.

Bisnow UK Business Manager Freddie Keyworth is confident that despite any challenges that come its way, the UK commercial real estate industry can provide strong business opportunities by embracing the right marketing strategies.

“Taking a multichannel approach allows companies to look at advertising through a wider digital landscape, while retaining the face-to-face aspect of networking, which the industry loves,” Keyworth said. “Combine all this and there are ample opportunities to succeed.”

In his role at Bisnow, Keyworth is committed to keeping the UK CRE industry informed, helping clients embrace marketing strategies and pay attention to key trends, so that they can grow their portfolios.

He spoke with Bisnow about the importance of brand awareness through digital marketing and in-person events in the UK, how CRE challenges can impact adjacent industries and the excitement that comes with pursuing large goals.

Bisnow: Where do you see the UK market heading in the next year? What are some of the trends that you're most excited about?

Keyworth: The UK new-build rental market has been focused on bringing forth more of what people really want. One example is purpose-built co-living accommodations for those who just want to rent in a social environment, which consist of all-inclusive fees and flexible contracts. Also, in the office sector, developers are making conscious choices about where they are creating new office assets, focusing on areas where people have been returning to the office or deciding whether to incorporate flex-office space into their schemes to accommodate for a new way of working. 

A lot can happen in a year, and it’s interesting to see what new sectors might emerge. I think in the longer term, the topic of sustainability will continue to influence real estate, particularly when it comes to new build schemes, redevelopments and new technologies aimed at improving energy-efficiency and working toward net zero.

Bisnow UK Business Manager Freddie Keyworth (right) and the Bisnow UK and Ireland team enjoying post-event drinks and networking.

Bisnow: What is working for the clients in the UK market now? What marketing approaches are driving deals and creating more business?

Keyworth: While a lot of UK companies have been successful with promoting their business via word of mouth, they should also ensure that they are embracing digital and attend industry events to become bolder with their marketing efforts. Many brands are putting their budgets behind awareness campaigns that can educate the market about how they stand out from their peers and provide that unique difference. 

On the surface, it may seem like the majority of brands are doing the same thing, but the little differences are in how you communicate with clients. This can help with winning the contract and getting the deal over the line.

Bisnow: What inspired you to pursue a career at Bisnow?

Keyworth: I came from the automotive sector, where I spent seven years working on the executive search side. I’m finding that automotive crosses over into my current career, particularly in the area of electric vehicles and alternative energy, as real estate will play a huge part in accommodating the need for more vehicle charging points and other alternative fuel methods of the future. It is appealing to learn about a new industry from the ground up, but I also like getting to apply my knowledge of the automotive industry to real estate.

Having a good company culture is massively important to me as well. Bisnow stood out in terms of the team spirit, determination and willingness to push boundaries and do something that not a lot of others are willing to do in the market, or communicating in a unique way.

Bisnow UK Business Manager Freddie Keyworth (right) and a friend after completing the Weymouth Ironman 70.3 in 2022.

Bisnow: What do you like most about your role at Bisnow?

Keyworth: I like the fact that I get to see the industry from a wide lens, as opposed to just one specific area. There is variety in the day-to-day and the conversations I get to have with different clients. The clients range from bespoke architects and startup tech firms to well-established consulting or law firms and some of the largest real estate developers or investors in the world. It’s a lot of fun to put thought behind different campaigns that will suit a mix of demographics.

Bisnow: What makes you unique?

Keyworth: I tend to set really high standards for myself in terms of my own growth and development, whether that be in my career or in my personal development. As an example, this time last year, I couldn't swim the entire length of a swimming pool, yet I signed up to do a full Ironman Triathlon in July 2023. This was born out of the fact that I’m really bad at swimming, and I wanted to focus on getting better, and it just culminated into this big challenge. 

I love having big goals and I love the mental and physical challenge of these big endurance feats. I wanted to be in the deep end of signing up for a massive challenge and seeing if I can do it. Through this process of trying to get there, I’ve not only developed an abnormally large appetite but have become a pretty good swimmer now too. I’m always focused on improving as a person and growing in the areas I’m not so confident in.

Bisnow: What is one life goal you want to accomplish?

Keyworth: I want to make the most of my time, do things that are challenging and rewarding, and keep pushing myself and just not stagnate. Once I complete the Ironman, I’ll find the next goal, which could be a double Ironman, or whatever I set my sights on next. As long as I can look back at whatever stage of life I’m in and know that I made the most of what I could have done and what I wanted to do, I’ll feel fulfilled.