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How IREM’s REME Awards Are Inspiring A Higher Standard Of Property Management


When it comes to serving their communities and employees, some companies go above and beyond, and Bisnow partner IREM—the Institute of Real Estate Management—wants to make sure that commitment to outstanding business practices doesn’t go unrecognized. 

To that end, IREM created the Real Estate Management Excellence Awards to highlight the people and companies who have consistently innovated and delivered superior services and values for their clients—such as 2015 winners Hokua premier residential manager Duane Komine, ARM; Bentall Kennedy SVP Cheryl Gray; Continental Management EVP Gary Offernbacher; Draper and Kramer regional property supervisor Kimmberly Donnelly; and The Quadrillion president Dr. Deborah Phillips, CPM. So think the Oscars, but for real estate and probably more diverse. Here's what you need to know. 

What Are The Award Categories And What Do They Celebrate?


The Employee and Leadership Development award celebrates exemplary practices that transform the company as a whole, such as developing leadership, planning for succession, improving audience engagement, establishing wellness programs and internships, and overhauling corporate culture. The Sustainability Award celebrates those who create “innovative business practices for sustainability programs within the workplace or across a portfolio."

Then there are awards for Corporate and Social Responsibility (celebrating community service initiatives), Corporate Innovation (the establishment of tech and marketing programs), and the AMO (Accredited Management Organization) of the Year Award. A top-of-the-line AMO, IREM believes, advances the real estate management industry by providing superior service to clients, tenants and residents, participating in IREM activities and demonstrating ethical business practices, all while instilling these ethics within its workforce and supporting employee and leadership development.

There are also two awards for individuals, the CPM (Certified Property Manager) of the Year and the ARM (Accredited Residential Manager) of the Year. Much like an AMO Award, these awards celebrate individuals who not only provide superior, ethical service to their clients, tenants and residents, but also dedicate themselves to improving their community and others in the industry. A good example of an outstanding individual is 2015’s CPM of the Year, Dr. Debbie Phllips (pictured, center) of the Quadrillion, a nationally acclaimed author and speaker with more than 25 years of experience in real estate management who has dedicated her life to “developing top-tier leadership development programs for emerging leaders.”

Who Are Some Previous REME Award Winners And What Did They Do To Win?


Real estate investment advisory and services firm Bentall Kennedy (SVP Cheryl Gray pictured, center) won the sustainability award for its solutions for managing waste streams. The company not only devised a way to repurpose infected trees and launched a highly successful National E-Waste Challenge to help curb the number of electronic devices thrown into landfills, but it also took effective measures to reduce the waste produced  by employees' coffee consumption, repurposing used coffee grounds into a sustainable potting soil.

Real estate investment and development company DDG won the award for employee and leadership development for its ThreeSixty Leadership Initiative program, which seeks to provide leadership opportunities to property management professionals. The program broadens their knowledge of the industry, develops key skills, encourages personal growth and sparks interest in the industry.

What Does A REME Award Get You?

As an objective, third-party recognition of your business’ thought leadership in the real estate management industry, a REME award is a good way to stand out from the competition. That prestige and publicity through IREM’s many channels—including the Journal of Property Management, press releases, Real Estate Management News, the IREM website, blogs and social media—will generate buzz around your business, helping you attract new business, top talent and attention at the highest levels of real estate management.

How Can Your Company Apply?

If you’re working on impactful initiatives in any one of the above categories, you can submit an application here before June 1 to be considered.

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