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The 10 Coolest Museums In The US

    The 10 Coolest Museums In The US

    In honor of International Museum Day today (yes, that's a thing), Bisnow put together a breakdown of the top museums in the US—check it out.

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    The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

    Location: NYC

    Established: 1870 

    Admission Price: $25 suggested price

    The Met is a NYC landmark, and could only be at the top of anyone's US museum list. The 140-year-old art mecca has works from the Old Masters to Egyptian artifacts, and best of all, you get to choose the price of your ticket (seriously).

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     Art Institute Of Chicago

    Location: Chicago

    Established: 1879

    Admission Price: $14

    The Art Institute of Chicago can trace its history to a free art school and gallery founded in 1866. The Institute gets around 1.5 million visitors annually and its eight buildings combine for 1M SF—second only to the Met among US art museums. It has similar holdings to the Met as well (although you have to actually pay for the tickets).

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    Smithsonian National Air And Space Museum

    Location: DC

    Established: 1946

    Admission Price: Free

    One of the many Smithsonian museums, this 161k SF aeronautics showcase is the largest collection of historic aircraft and spacecraft in the world—as could only be done by the country that put a man on the moon. The museum sees upwards of 6 million visitors, making it among the five most-visited museums worldwide.

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    National WWII Museum

    Location: New Orleans

    Date Opened: 2000

    Admission Price: $24

    Heading down to the Big Easy, the National World War II museum is one of the newest on our list. It opened on the 56th anniversary of D-Day, and was designated the US's official WWII museum in 2003. The site highlights the country's contribution to the war effort, and has been in the process of expansion since its opening.

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    American Museum Of Natural History

    Location: NYC

    Date Opened: 1869

    Admission Price: $22 suggested price

    Founded by Theodore Roosevelt Sr.—the President's father—the American Museum of Natural History is 2M SF that includes 27 buildings housing 45 permanent exhibition halls. In addition to its massive holdings, the museum employs a full-time scientific staff of 225 and sponsors over 120 special field expeditions a year.

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    US Holocaust Memorial Museum

    Location: DC

    Established: 1980

    Admission Price: Free

    Alongside the national mall in DC, the Holocaust Memorial's powerful collection of 12,750 artifacts and 49 million pages of archival documents is dedicated to helping leaders and citizens of the world confront hatred, prevent genocide and strengthen democracy. The memorial has a wide reach, and has been visited by 91 heads of state and over 3,500 foreign officials from around the world.

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    National Gallery Of Art

    Location: DC

    Established: 1937

    Admission Price: Free

    Founded by a large donation of art and construction funds by Andrew Mellon, the National Gallery of Art is also in the heart of Washington, DC, and houses the only painting by Leonardo da Vinci in the US. The museum's campus includes the original neoclassical West Building, the modern East Building and a 6.1-acre sculpture garden.

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    Museum Of Modern Art

    Location: NYC

    Established: 1929

    Admission Price: $25

    Another classic in the NYC museum circuit, MoMA was developed by Abby Aldrich Rockefeller, and opened up just days after the Oct. 24 Wall Street crash that preceded the Great Depression. It holds close to 200,000 works of modern and contemporary art by over 10,000 artists—but, unfortunately, isn't among the ranks of NYC's free museums.

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    Getty Center

    Location: LA

    Established: 1997

    Admission Price: Free

    The sprawling campus of the Getty Center—designed by architect Richard Meier—gets more than 1.3 million visitors a year, and features Western art from the Middle Ages to the present. Located in LA's Brentwood neighborhood, the museum includes works by Van Gogh and Rembrandt, and a gorgeous sculpture garden.

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    USS Midway Museum

    Location: San Diego

    Established: 2004

    Admission Price: $20

    The Midway opened as a museum in 2004, after a 47-year stint in the US Navy, of course—making it the longest-serving aircraft carrier of the 20th century. The highly interactive exhibits include info on over 60 locations worldwide, and make this one of the world's top maritime museums.