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How Much Is Trump Really Worth?


There's been a lot of curiosity about Donald Trump's finances, but a recent analysis of his 92-page personal financial disclosure form is putting all speculation to rest. Over the weekend Trump touted his worth as more than $10B. A summary released in June calculates his net worth at $8.7B, with $3.3B of that credited to the value of his name alone. However, Bloomberg's Billionaires Index tabulates Trump's fortune at $2.9B. (So he's basically poor, said no one ever.) His holdings include skyscrapers, golf courses and resorts in New York, San Francisco, Florida and beyond. He also has golf courses outside of the US, including the controversial Turnberry in Scotland and Dunebeg in Ireland. The Bloomberg analysis values Trump's properties based on how much income each is producing and doesn't place any value on his name. Here's a look at his what they came up with:

30% of two office buildings owned in partnership with Vornado Realty Trust: $640M.

All golf and resort properties: $570M (According to Trump's calculation these holdings are worth $2B, but he did not disclose his methodology)

40 Wall St, NY, leasehold: $550M

  • Purchased for $10M in 1995.
  • Expires in 2059.
  • Option to extend through 2194.

Trump Tower: $490M

  • Includes his 30k SF penthouse, the $250M Gucci store, other retail spaces and offices.
  • Doesn't include sold condominiums.

6 E 57th St, NY, leasehold: $470M

  • Home of Niketown. Annual rent of $125k through 2008.

Unsold condominiums: $200M

  • This includes full-floor units at 502 Park Ave, one being a $21M apartment that sold last month.
  • He also has unsold storage space in the buildings.

Cash, securities and aircraft: $300M

$350M in liabilities was subtracted. That mainly includes mortgages on marquee properties like Trump Tower, 40 Wall St and Trump Doral. [Bloomberg]