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Hot Rides for the On-the-Go CEO


When you're busy running an empire, you don't have time for traffic. That's why Beverly Hills-based Howard Becker, who used to hook up cars with customized high-end stereos for the likes of Michael Jackson and Cher, decided to venture into the world of mobile offices. And there's no better time than the present, as trends show congestion getting worse in urban centers with strong tech sectors; Austin, Seattle and San Jose are joining notoriously gridlocked cities like New York, DC and LA. In LA, residents waste an average of 60 hours in their cars every year, which could explain why Becker's company is the top car up-fitter, Bloomberg reports.

Becker's most popular customized vehicle is the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, dubbed the "JetVan," and preferred by clients like Mark Wahlberg, Dr. Dre, Johnny Depp and Ben Affleck. (CCRE co-founder Steven Kantor apparently has one, too). It's like a luxurious mobile conference room with plush leather reclining seats, and can accommodate up to seven people. Thanks to in-motion amenities like high-speed WiFi, Crestron media systems, touchscreen menus, video on demand, and local programming from any major city, you can run the world from your car. Plus, the sky is the limit as far as outfitting these cars. Becker has even gone so far as installing a custom-made, car-safe recumbent exercise bike for one of his clients. [Bloomberg]