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Bisnow Wins 5 Journalism Awards At NAREE

Bisnow's Joseph Pimentel, Catie Dixon, Jon Banister, Cameron Sperance, Mark Bonner, Lois Weiss and Ethan Rothstein

The Bisnow newsroom won five business journalism awards at the National Association of Real Estate Editors Journalism Awards ceremony in Austin last week.

The NAREE journalism competition recognizes international excellence in reporting, writing and editing stories about residential and commercial real estate. 

The awards were presented Friday at NAREE's 53rd annual Real Estate Journalism Conference at the Hyatt Regency Austin. A panel of judges from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University selected all winners.

"Though we have many individual winners, I would be remiss to not recognize these victories as a triumph for our entire newsroom," Bisnow Editor-in-Chief Mark Bonner said. "This is also further validation that we are fulfilling our mission to inform, connect and advance the commercial real estate industry." 

Bisnow received the following awards:

Best Online Commercial Real Estate Story

GOLD WINNER: Cameron Sperance, Bisnow,The Opioid Epidemic Is Turning Commercial Buildings Into Deadly Hazmat Zones, and No One Knows What To Do About It

Judges’ Comments: A detailed look at how the commercial real estate industry is dealing with people overdosing on fentanyl, leaving a hazmat situation behind. Cleanup crews have to come into an office building, a library, a supermarket or just about any other commercial location and make the area habitable again. In addition, the story looks at what options the industry has going forward. Sperance has excellent sources and wonderful description based on following companies and business organizations for four months. 

SILVER WINNER: Jarred Schenke, Bisnow,Grave Climate Realities Do Little To Dissuade Builders Chasing Profits, Population On The Coasts

Judges’ Comments: An insightful look as to how developers are turning a blind eye to climate change and instead continuing to take risks and continuing to build along coastlines that are subject to hurricanes, storms and rising seas. Schenke’s use of dollar figures about damage are interspersed with comments from developers who say they are simply following the demand, which remains concentrated on the coasts.


Best Real Estate Newsletter

SILVER WINNER: Jon Banister, Bisnow. Bisnow Washington, D.C., Newsletter

Judges’ Comments: This newsletter lives up to the Bisnow tagline: “(Almost) Never Boring.” Editors keep it lively and timely, looking at how the baseball all-star game gives a national spotlight to a hot D.C. neighborhood and giving readers news they can use (should they buy or lease?). 


Best Online Residential, Mortgage or Financial Real Estate Story

BRONZE WINNER: Joseph Pimentel, Bisnow,Residents Grapple With Change Coming To View Park, LA’s ‘Black Beverly Hills'

Judges’ Comments: This story about a neighborhood that is one of the most affluent African American neighborhoods in the country and how soaring home prices are leaving some out of the market has an enticing lead and strong sourcing. Both informative and entertaining.


SILVER WINNER: Lois Weiss, Freelancer, Bisnow,The HQ2 Search Is A Sham. Jeff Bezos Already Knows The Winner.

Judges’ Comments: Weiss is either clairvoyant – or a veteran real-estate journalist who admirably knows her turf. In her January 2018 piece, she declared (correctly, as it turns out) that Jeff Bezos already planned to choose the D.C. area for his second headquarters. She uses numbers to make her point, citing the Amazon chief’s $23 million purchase of two side-by-side mansions there in October 2016. Coincidence? She thinks not.