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Bisnow Power Women: 5 Questions With Fifield Cos.' Randy Fifield


This limited series profiles Power Women who have helped shape cities, neighborhoods, businesses and lifestyles in the cities where they work. These women will be honored at Bisnow's Chicago Power Women event Dec. 4 and SoCal Power Women event Dec. 13.

Fifield Cos. Vice Chairwoman Randy Fifield oversees the design, marketing and execution of apartment projects for Fifield in Chicago and Century West Partners in LA. Combined, the companies have 3,000 apartments in development. She started by doing neighborhood residential development in the 1990s, then moved to loft condos and apartment developments. Outside of the office, Fifield serves on the boards for Prentice Hospital and Children's Memorial Hospital and is a proud mother of five.

Fifield Cos. Vice Chairwoman Randy Fifield

Bisnow: How do you describe your job to people who are not in the industry?

Fifield: Imagine a maestro (working to bring about a perfect concert). We do the same thing — organizing the starts and stops and the unison when instruments play together.

Bisnow: What is the biggest business problem you have faced and how did you solve it?

Fifield: Biggest daily problem is hiring the right people in every aspect of the project's life!

Bisnow: What is one thing you think companies can do to address wage and gender inequality?

Fifield: Review market wage surveys, cultivate a culture that is inclusive and use data and policy to gain positive impact.

Bisnow: What piece of advice do you give others entering the industry?

Fifield: Know your data, network, show up, be of service, read and learn the trade in your spare time. Make real estate your hobby!

Bisnow: What do you do to unwind when you’re not working?

Fifield: I walk, breathe, sleep or meditate.

Meet Fifield Cos. Vice Chairwoman Randy Fifield at Bisnow's Chicago Power Women event Dec. 4 at the Radisson Blu Aqua and SoCal Power Women event Dec. 13 at the LA Grand Hotel Downtown.