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For Bisnow Director of Sales Ashley Clendenin, Creating Connections Is At The Heart Of CRE

Bisnow Director of Sales of Denver and Phoenix Ashley Clendenin (second from right), with Denver/Phoenix team at an event.

When it comes to West Coast population booms, two cities that have come out on top are Denver and Phoenix. While population growth slowed down in Denver during the early part of the pandemic from 2020 to 2021, there’s an upward trend growing in 2022. And according to the U.S. census, as of 2020, Phoenix has topped 1.7 million people and continues to grow at an astronomical rate among big cities, including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston.  

Ashley Clendenin, Bisnow’s director of sales in Denver and Phoenix, has helped Bisnow enhance sales in these sectors by seeking opportunities to bring CRE professionals together. For Clendenin, diving right into networking and helping the industry do more business has been the “perfect opportunity.” Bisnow sat down with Clendenin to discuss her passion for creating CRE connections, and what she loves most about her hometown of Denver.

Bisnow: Why did you take this job at Bisnow?

Clendenin: I started my commercial real estate career in a very small, niche sector of the industry, leasing flexible office space. I was good at it and felt that I had mastered that part of the industry. When the opportunity to grow the Denver and Phoenix markets for Bisnow came about, it was exciting because it broadened the scope of CRE I could work in. It has been the perfect opportunity to grow existing relationships but also establish new ones. Bisnow offers the perfect opportunities to connect people, which is something I’m very passionate about. The company platform is authentic, strong and unique and unlike anything else within CRE, and I wanted to be an integral part of that. 

Bisnow: What about commercial real estate interests you?

Clendenin: CRE is the ultimate connector of people. The infrastructure in which we live our daily lives is centered around networking and it’s a huge piece of any business no matter what industry you work in.

Working for Bisnow has allowed me to fully immerse myself in the industry, connecting with the biggest players in the game to ultimately match them with people that can help their business grow. There’s no better feeling than watching those connections result in more deals being done. 

Director of Sales Ashley Clendenin enjoying time with her husband in Winter Park.

Bisnow: What makes you unique?

Clendenin: I’m a native of Colorado with roots in the working class of Aspen, Denver and its surrounding areas. These regions are special to me. I enjoy what I get to do for work, but I also enjoy my free time exploring my beautiful state through skiing, camping, hiking and frankly anything that involves the outdoors fuels my soul. 

I also get the special job of being a mom to my son, Red, and a wife to my husband, Paul, who both happen to love the same things. Because of that, most weekends involve some form of outdoor activity. 

Bisnow: When thinking about the future of CRE, what do you look forward to most?

Clendenin: I'm excited about the growth of CRE in Denver and to be involved with the development of a city I love. The efforts I see towards energy, social and governance, and sustainability, working towards inclusivity and diversity in voices we hear from in the Denver CRE community and the numerous adaptive reuse projects in and around Downtown make me proud to be a part of the Denver CRE community.

I'm grateful to be in a position where I get to bring together the best and brightest minds in the business to work towards preserving and enhancing the natural beauty and history Denver has to offer.