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Cities In New York, California Embrace Adventure Playgrounds To Strengthen Communities


Some cities are creating adventure playgrounds that cater to children, and they may have more community benefit than the traditional slide and three swings.

In adventure playgrounds children use everyday tools to construct their own play areas. While the idea may seem risky, the trend is taking hold in cities all over the world, CBRE reports.

These parks have been known to help link communities, particularly during the design process when neighborhoods are trying to garner support from local governments. Experts also said these parks can help revitalize impoverished communities.

Adventure playgrounds date back to the 1930s, originally appearing in Denmark, but experts said the creative play areas are spreading to New York City and throughout California. One nonprofit championing these innovative parks in the U.S. is Play:groundNYC. The group established a permanent adventure playground during the summer on Governors Island, just off the coast of Manhattan, after several successful pop-up trials.