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Seismic Data Has New Home

Seismic Data Has New Home


Wanna know how powerful an earthquake was at a certain time and place? Ion Geophysical Corp will have your answer stored in Houston. The firm reported to the SEC last week that Ion will soon be moving to a new facility in Houston to house a portion of its 10.5 petrabytes of seismic data. The company operates 12 data centers across the world. Knowledge of all the world's earthquake activity? The facility will be LEED-Paranoid.


Also with the SEC, Trunkbow International Holdings detailed its plans for three separate cloud-based data centers in Asia. The company has inked agreements with Shanghai Telecommunications Engineering to develop data centers in Shanghai and Huzhou City, and with China Communications Services Corp for one in Guangzhou. For Guangzhou, the company says it will invest $11M with a guarantee of nearly $26M in hosting fees over the 20-year contract. Both Shanghai and Huzhou will cost Trunkbow $49M, according to docs, but will reap nearly $50M in hosting fees over 10-year contract. We dont have any viable pics of these data centers, so we present to you Data, from Star Trek.