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SAN FRANCISCO: Clune's Bold Move


General contractor Clune Construction just scooped up JLL's entire NorCal construction unit in San Francisco in an attempt to jump into the local market. Planting an office in S.F. has been a long time coming, says Clune's western region prez Bob Dahlstrom, snapped here at his LA office (the new S.F. office will open April 1). The Chicago-based, 250-person firm tacked on New York and DC offices in the past few years, so S.F. was the next natural fit, he tells us. Bob has run the western region for 20 years.


Clune, which has known S.F.'s JLL team for years, isn't buying the unit but rather transferring the eight-person practice over. It'll operate out of JLL's 1 Front office initially and find a new space over the next few months; he's eyeing Financial District or SoMa. (If it's anything like the LA office, above, expect an exposed ceiling look and pool tables.) The deal gives Clune local S.F. boots on the ground—a much more effective plan than transferring existing employees from LA or Chicago.

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