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Happy Father's Day, Dads


This past week, we've celebrated dads in some of our markets, like San Diego's Don Zech, who works with son Nick at the firm he founded, CDC Commercial. (Read about other real estate father-son duos here.) Besides giving you footsteps to follow, there's one big things dads are known for: giving advice. As thanks, we want to give dads the present of some free advice. Here goes: 

1) Stop watching the History Channel. There's no history there anymore.

2) Please don't tuck your t-shirt into your jeans.

3) We know that your “secret recipe” is just adding Old Bay to everything. We’re OK with that.

4) Don’t wear socks with sandals, especially business socks.


We recommend that fairly new dads—like Chicago's Greg Dietz of Baum Realty Group, dad to Avery (above, born Tuesday) and 21-month-old Emerson—print out this advice for 20 years down the line. (Read about some other Windy City fathers here.) Some more tips:

5) Yes, we put air in our tires.

6) No, we don’t want your old sweaters.

7) Yes, the guy on that show is the same guy as that guy from the other show.

Dads have some funny ways about them. But they also mold us into the men and women we've become. So, dads, in spite of everything we just said, don’t ever change. Happy Father’s Day!