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BALTIMORE: Dogs? Not in My Front Yard


Getting canine-related tenants (think daycares, boarding, training schools) into real estate is a difficult trick. For one, there's economics. MacKenzie Commercial's Karen Deeley (right, snapped with Dogma co-owner Virginia Byrnes and Wally) was on the search for space for a high-end pet-boarding company a few years ago. It wanted to build near the airport, but in Anne Arundel County, that use falls under general commercial zoning, which means high land prices and competition. Another problem: landlord acceptance. Lee & Associates' Dennis Boyle and Bill Harrison (who just placed Tecla's K-9 Academy at 7111 Dorsey Run Rd) say building owners worry about the barking and, well, the poop (Bill says these businesses know how to handle that part, though). He looks in industrial areas to mitigate noise concerns.