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5 Cities Where Millennials Can Live On A Beer Budget With A Champagne Appetite


Not every Millennial can afford to live in an Uptown luxury condo. For those who want the urban lifestyle without the price tag, there are appealing alternatives to big cities.

Among the five best midsized cities for Millennials: San Antonio, Cambridge, Denver, Pittsburgh and Indianapolis, according to Wise Bread (a community of bloggers focused on living large on a small budget).

San Antonio’s experiencing a boom in aerospace, IT, biosciences and advanced manufacturing jobs (which are among the jobs Millennials increasingly want). Last year, San Antonio experienced the largest increase in Millennial population of any US city from 2010 to 2013.

Rent Jungle reported that as of August, the average monthly rent within the San Antonio market stood at $1,035 for a two-bedroom unit and $847 for a one-bedroom apartment. [WB]

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