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You Won't Believe Which Baseball Stadiums Are the Most Expensive

    You Won't Believe Which Baseball Stadiums Are the Most Expensive

    The Kansas City Royals just won the World Series, besting the New York Mets. But which Major League Baseball franchise's home sits on the priciest real estate? Here are the top 10 most expensive baseball stadiums in the country.

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    1. Yankee Stadium

    Stadium Cost: $1.5B
    Opened: 2009
    Team: New York Yankees
    Last Time Champs: 2009

    Perhaps it is fitting the team with the most World Series wins also plays in the sport’s most expensive stadium. Yet the stadium’s road to completion was anything but smooth; it faced many controversies prior to construction, such as concerns over the loss of public parkland and the high public cost.

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    2. Citi Field

    Stadium Cost: $900M
    Opened: 2009
    Team: New York Mets
    Last Time Champs: 1986

    Also in NYC, the home of the Mets comes in as the second most expensive ballpark in the game. Built to replace Shea Stadium, most fans view this as an impressive, beautiful stadium, yet despite its aesthetic appeal it was not enough for the Mets to secure victory in the World Series this year.

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    3. Nationals Park

    Stadium Cost: $701M
    Opened: 2008
    Team: Washington Nationals
    Last Time Champs: N/A

    Nestled along the Anacostia River in DC lies the home of the Washington Nationals, the first LEED-certified green major professional sports stadium in the country. Designed by Populous and Devrouax & Purnell Architects and Planners, the Washington Monument and Capitol building are visible from the upper deck on the first base side.

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    4. Rogers Center

    Stadium Cost: $570M
    Opened: 1989
    Team: Toronto Blue Jays
    Last Time Champs: 1993

    This gargantuan multi-purpose stadium in Toronto is home to the Blue Jays and the Astronauts of the Canadian Football League, and previously hosted both basketball and football teams as well. While the stadium is mainly a sports venue, fans can catch the occasional carnival, concert and monster truck show here.

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    5. Safeco Field

    Stadium Cost: $517M
    Opened: 1999
    Team: Seattle Mariners
    Last Time Champs: N/A

    Construction on Safeco Field started shortly after the Mariners' ownership group threatened to relocate the team if the old stadium, the Kingdome, was not replaced. The public initially defeated a ballot to secure public funding for the new stadium, but after the Mariners had a killer season the funding was quickly approved.

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    6. PETCO Park

    Stadium Cost: $411M
    Opened: 2004
    Team: San Diego Padres
    Last Time Champs: N/A

    This is not a stadium for animals, as the name may suggest, although its sponsor did attract the ire of PETA. The animal rights group succeeded in protesting the pet company, in a small way, by purchasing a brick on the concourse that appears normal but hides a secret anti-Petco message.

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    7. Citizen Bank Park

    Stadium Cost: $356M
    Opened: 2004
    Team: Philadelphia Phillies
    Last Time Champs: 2008

    Pressure mounted to build this new stadium after a railing collapsed at the old Veterans Stadium and injured eight people. So loved by locals that many just call this ballpark “The Bank,” it has a distinctly Philly quality. Many of the food stands cater to local tastes, serving an assortment of cheesesteaks and hoagies.

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    8. Chase Field

    Stadium Cost: $355M
    Opened: 1998
    Team: Arizona Diamondbacks
    Last Time Champs: 2001

    This Phoenix stadium was the first in the country built with a retractable roof over a natural grass playing field, and the roof isn’t for rain. High temperatures during the baseball season average around 99 degrees, and while originally the HVAC systems didn’t work above row 25 of the upper level, recent changes keep virtually all of the facility air-conditioned.

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    9. Busch Stadium

    Stadium Cost: $346M
    Opened: 2006
    Team: St. Louis Cardinals
    Last Time Champs: 2011

    Known as “Busch Stadium III,” the newest stadium to sport the name of your favorite beer has 61 luxury suites and 3,700 club seats. Ironically, its highest attendance for a sports event was when 48,000 people turned up to watch Chelsea play Manchester City. (Who knew St. Louis had so many soccer fans?)

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    10. Miller Park

    Stadium Cost: $322M
    Opened: 2001
    Team: Milwaukee Brewers
    Last Time Champs: N/A

    Last on the list is perhaps the largest construction project in Wisconsin history. This ballpark has North America’s only fan-shaped convertible roof, which can open and close in less than 10 minutes. It even has heat lamp structures that are wheeled across the field during the off-season to allow natural grass to grow, and large panes of glass across the walls allow light in.