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UK Prime Minister To Encourage US Companies Not To Pull Investments From Britain


For the past several months, money managers have been turning to the US property market for safe investments and high yields post-Brexit—and UK Prime Minister Theresa May has taken note.

May is visiting New York on Monday to discuss her concerns regarding US investments in the UK—or the lack thereofreassuring company execs of Britain’s valuable market and insisting they not use Brexit as a reason to pull investments from the nation. There are many US companies based in Britain, but experts say the Brexit fallout could change that, Bloomberg reports.

“Something like a million people in the UK wake up each morning and then go to work for an American company,” May said. “I will be talking to them and hearing from them what their emphasis is in terms of the issues they want to address.” To start, the prime minister will be meeting with execs from Amazon, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. [Bloomberg]