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Trump Campaign Gears Up For Re-Election, RNC Drops $37K A Month On Rent At Trump Tower

Barely a year into his term, President Donald Trump's re-election campaign is underway at Trump Tower in Manhattan.

Trump Tower in New York

The Republican National Committee, which was criticized in the fall for covering Trump and Donald Trump Jr.'s legal fees connected to the Russia probe, is paying $37K/month to rent space in Trump Tower, ABC News reports.

The RNC said all money put up by the Republican Party is done so to ensure the success of the election, and “coordinated expenditures are a standard part of that,” RNC Communications Director Ryan Mahoney said in an interview with ABC News. Trump now covers his own legal fees in relation to the Russia probe. 

Federal Election Commission filings have also found that the RNC spent an estimated $427K at Trump properties, including Mar-a-Lago and Trump National Doral Miami, since November 2016. Last year, the presidential campaign spent another $470K in rented space at Trump Tower, ABC reports.

But while some question the RNC's campaign-related spending, experts say the payments have been disclosed properly throughout the process and are legal, CBNC reports.