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REITs Finally Get A Spotlight On The S&P 500


Today’s the day. The much-anticipated reclassification of real estate on the Global Industry Classification Standard occurred today, marking the first shift of the S&P 500 Index group in nearly two decades.

Real estate investment trusts’ split from the Financials Sector is shaking up stock portfolios, dividing the financial industry in half by separating banks and brokerages, giving each its own spotlight. The split is anticipated to increase REITs' visibility as a distinct asset class, encouraging investors to pursue REITs as portfolio diversifier in the future.

Though the move is big, it won’t affect the value of any shares. Those truly affected will be investors, particularly the owners of ETFs that track financial firms, Bloomberg reports. “It’s just a testament to this particular asset class and the performance there, basically affirming the fact that many of our clients believe there’s a place for this type of real estate strategy in a well-diversified portfolio,” NY-based Brown Brothers Harriman VP Ryan Sullivan said. [Bloomberg]