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These Lego-Like Homes Could Help Resolve The Country's Affordable Housing Shortage

A former Amazon product manager has developed a housing solution that could aid in the country's push to build more affordable housing units. 


Founded in 2016, Aaron Holm's Seattle-based Blokable allows developers to easily create affordable, move-in ready and yes, stackable homes, the Seattle Times reports. Think "build your own Lego house" for adults. 

The prefab buildings, which are manufactured in Vancouver, come complete with electrical, plumbing, appliances and fixtures pre-built into the housing units, ranging in price from $58K for an unpainted unit to $85K for a fully outfitted unit.

Sizes range anywhere from 18 to 34 feet in length. These units can act as either stand-alone housing or can be connected to other modules to create larger and more unique multifamily units, similar in nature to the way one would create a life-size Lego home.

And there is a lot of room to play; modules can be stacked up to five stories high.

These blokable homes are set to roll out in Washington, California and Utah in the fall.