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Poll: NYC Voters Say de Blasio Does Favors For Developers Who Donate


A recent poll shows a majority of NYC voters think Mayor Bill de Blasio does favors for developers who donate to his campaigns.

The majority holds strong across demographic groups—race, age, gender or location—yet 54% of voters didn’t see the behavior as illegal, but simply unethical.

de Blasio’s office shot back at the poll's findings. “This poll is nothing but loaded questions. It’s like asking voters if they approve of robbing little old ladies,” the mayor’s spokeswoman, Karen Hinton, says. “Contrary to the poll’s premise, this mayor is requiring developers to build affordable housing, and he is the first mayor to do so in the city’s history.”

The mayor’s affordable housing plan won an important victory in late March with changes to zoning laws, but the ultimate success of the plan could hinge on state-level policies. [Politico]