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Nashville A Top 5 City For Job-Seekers


NerdWallet has ranked Nashville as the No. 3 city in the nation for job-seekers in 2017. That is, a place offering well-paying jobs. That's a characteristic of the local economy that ought to help keep real estate growth lively next year.

Factors in the ranking: the local unemployment rate is a low 2.9%; population growth between 2010 and 2015 was nearly 30%; and earnings for full-time workers average over $40,200/year, which isn't as much as some other markets, but the cost of living isn't as much here either.

Nine of the 10 best cities for job-seekers have higher-than-average percentages of Millennials (for convenience, people in their 20s). In the 100 cities NerdWallet analyzed, 20- to 29-year-olds make up 17.2% of the population, on average, while nationwide that figure is 13.9%.

Technology industries are driving labor markets in the top best cities for job-seekers, and so is healthcare—Nashville's particular forte. In Nashville, healthcare is the largest and fastest-growing industry, with 250 healthcare companies HQ'd in the region.