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How Can Healthcare Deal With Its Cost-Quality Issue?

Healthcare might be a growth industry, but it has special challenges, such as providing care at prices that don't break the bank—that is, the entire US economy. Find out more at our Healthcare Leadership Forum on Nov. 17 at Loews Vanderbilt.


Oman-Gibson Associates president Tom Gibson tells us most healthcare companies in Nashville have a national platform, so they're facing most of the same problems that the rest of the industry faces. "As a nation we have a cost/quality issue that has to be corrected," he says. "Our cost is the highest and our quality is 11th among major industrialized countries."


Tom also says that a rapidly growing segment of the population is transitioning to Medicare. "Healthcare systems are struggling to increase efficiencies, and provide healthcare services to our population at a lower cost," he stresses. "The debate is still open as to the correct model that will best accomplish this goal."

Hear more about the challenges facing healthcare in Nashville and everywhere else from Tom and other healthcare experts at our Healthcare Leadership Forum beginning at 7:30am on Nov. 17 at Loews Vanderbilt with breakfast and schoomzing.