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How To Dress For The Interview: Men's Edition

    After billionaire and Millennial Mark Zuckerberg made a sweatshirt business casual, corporate perception of acceptable work clothes altered quite a bit (no pun intended). Explore our tips for how to dress for the modern-day interview.

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    Architecture Firm

    Keep it smart: Slim-fitting pants, button-down shirt and thick-rimmed glasses. You want to appear intellectual, so make it look like you put some deep thought into your attire.

    Tip: Check out Warby Parker to get lenses that are the right fit at the right price.

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    Keep it corporate: Suit and tie with cuff links and a pocket square. You want to appear clean cut and business-savvy.

    Tip: Show off your expensive taste with Tiffany’s Cufflink Collection.

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    Keep it classic: Button-down shirt, skinny tie and a fitted jacket. The trick here is to have your look tailored to perfection. Dress it up with a designer watch.

    Tip: Fit the look exactly to your size with customized tailors, such as Proper Cloth.

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    Engineering Firm

    Keep it real: Chinos, collared shirt, fitted sweater and a leather belt. You want to appear smart, sharp and easy-going enough to work well in a team.

    Tip: Not sure what Chinos are? Bonobos has you covered.

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    New Media Company

    Keep it cool: Dark wash jeans, T-shirt and a solid shirt jacket. You want to look cool, hip and ready to kick-start your new job with fresh style.

    Tip: Carry a Hershel backpack for just the right amount of casual and cool.

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    Tech Company

    Keep it casual: Collared shirt, hoodie and jeans. This interview is not about the clothes you wear, it’s about the computer skills you have. Less distraction is better.

    Tip: Look good and feel comfortable in American Giant zip-ups.