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Going On A Diet: Fatburger To Be Rebranded As Skinnyburger?

UPDATE, APRIL 2, 10:44 A.M. PT: Fatburger confirmed this week that the news of a name change was a publicity stunt and the chain will retain the Fatburger name.


Is this an early April Fools' joke?

After 70 years, LA’s iconic Fatburger hamburger stand, a popular late-night hangout that has been owned by celebrities, referenced in rap songs and pop culture, is rebranding to Skinnyburger, the company announced Wednesday.

FAT Brands is rebranding Fatburger to Skinnyburger

Officials at Beverly Hills-based FAT Brands, the parent company of Fatburger and six other restaurants, said the move is being driven by popular demand for the hamburger joint's top-pick menu item — a skinnyburger.  

The skinnyburger launched in 2014 and replaces the bread buns with two meat patties. The lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and other fixings are sandwiched in between the meat. 

“We have long been considering this brand revamp to Skinnyburger and are excited for this first phase of our forthcoming store redesign and national roll-out,” FAT Brands CEO Andy Wiederhorn said in a news release. “Skinnyburger will maintain the same iconic, great taste and experience of Fatburger with a slimmed down brand that we are thrilled to reintroduce to consumers nationwide.”

Founded in Los Angeles in 1947 by African-American restaurant entrepreneur Lovie Yancey, Fatburger is an iconic quick-serve hamburger stand known for its made-to-order hamburgers and fries and as a late-night eatery.

The company has more than 200 locations in more than 20 countries around the world.

Former professional basketball player and entrepreneur Magic Johnson, musicians Kanye West and Pharrell have had, or still own, some franchises.

FAT Brands is rebranding Fatburger to Skinnyburger

The hamburger joint has also been a popular pop culture reference, with Ice Cube referencing Fatburger in his popular song “It was a good day” and the late Notorious B.I.G. mentioning Fatburger in his rap "Going Back To Cali.'"

It is unclear whether this is an early April Fools' prank or some type of publicity stunt similar to last year’s International House of Pancake’s failed — or bogus — rebranding from IHOP to the International House of Burgers, or IHOb.  

A Fat Brands spokeswoman told Bisnow that there is more news to come April 1.