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We were on hand Thursday evening as Cassidy Turley’s LA chief Jonathan Larsen presided at the Jonathan Club for an audience of invited friends and clients, and introduced some extraordinary panelists: Cassidy chief strategy officer Diane Paddison, Brookfield’s Bert Dezzutti, Beacon’s Jeremy Fletcher, Rising Realty’s Chris Rising, Rexford Industrial’s Howard Schwimmer, and JP Morgan’s David Sears. Upshot: Look for a robust year, a growing realization that LA is underpriced, and a continuing rivalry (even among the panelists) between Downtown revitalization and Westside resurgence. (But no doubt unanimous agreement that Jonathan Larsen, a former president of the Jonathan Club, is well-named.)


We snapped Allen Matkins’ Rick Mallory and wife Sandy underneath a wall of stars at Rao’s in Hollywood Saturday night. The biggest star above them? Not the spectral image of Anthony Quinn, but the picture at the top left of daughter Taylor, age 23, a newly-minted Princeton alum just admitted to the USC graduate screenwriting program and currently an assistant to an agent at William Morris Endeavor. And that’s not their only fast-track kid: Mason, 27, is a pro golfer and Northern California entrepreneur putting together a fleet of Ubers, and daughter Morgan, 25, is first year at Harvard Law—and getting married in May.


As regulars at this new Hollywood eatery that requires months for a reservation (just like the 117-year-old original in Harlem), the Mallorys were given a special salute from the kitchen. They tell us they well remember 28 years ago when Sandy was working on a trial and couldn’t take a proper honeymoon, so was pregnant when they finally went (to London, Paris, and the South of France). This time, nothing’s stopping them, and they will soon be off to Cambridge to visit Morgan.