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Jilliene Helman CEO, Realty Mogul

Los Angeles Other

Founded in 2012, Realty Mogul has grown from six people to 38 people and brought in $10M of venture capital this year, with over 100 properties funded online via crowdfunding. Jilliene tells us the company's on track to do about $50M in investments this calendar year, with 14,000 accredited investors. Before founding Realty Mogul, Jilliene's career was spent at traditional banks like Union Bank, where she was a VP focused on wealth management, finance and risk management. She grew up in Malibu and majored in business at Georgetown University. While she's always wanted to be in the finance industry, Jilliene tells us she got her real estate chops around the dinner table—her grandfather was a developer and her mom sold luxury residential properties. Advice: be persistent and make sure that you're constantly learning. Also, have a mentor. (Jilliene's was her dad, a serial entrepreneur.) Life goal: not to be bored. Personal: she loves to travel and has lived in four countries besides the US: China, Japan (where she was snapped inside an igloo), Spain and Italy.