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Involving Tenants In Design Decisions In Creative Office

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What are the best ways to design creative office space?

No matter the design, the most important aspect involves pleasing the client, experts say.

 HOK Director of Design, Interiors Clay Pendergrast, Jacobs Design Principal Interiors James Kerrigan and Humanscale Director of Workplace Strategy Jon Strassner at the recent LA Creative Offive Event.
HOK director of design, interiors Clay Pendergrast, Jacobs Design principal interiors James Kerrigan and Humanscale director of workplace strategy Jon Strassner

From a design perspective, creative office generally refers to a certain amount of rawness and industrial detailing, such as open ceilings for a nice sense of volume, HOK director of design, interiors Clay Pendergrast said at the recent Bisnow LA Creative Office event. A significant part of the floor is also usually concrete.

It is important to listen to clients to find out what they really want and need, speakers said.

Humanscale's Jon Strassner, Jacobs 
James Kerrigan, HOK's Clay Pendergrast, Ryda Development's Daniel Neman, Lendlease's Tim Allen and HQ Development's Robert Herscu.
Humanscale's Jon Strassner, Jacobs' James Kerrigan, HOK's Clay Pendergrast, Ryda Development's Daniel Neman, Lendlease's Tim Allen and HQ Development's Robert Herscu discuss construction and design at the LA Creative Office event.

"Ultimately, they may get the look they want, but it doesn't necessarily work for them acoustically from a sense of privacy and so forth," Pendergrast said.

It is about giving the tenants what they want and not what the developer wants to give them, according to HQ Development CEO Robert Herscu.

He focuses on the West side and Hollywood, opting for very high-end projects.

LA Creative Office Event
LA Creative Office event

Ryda Development principal Daniel Neman said whatever the design is, the space needs to work for the tenant.

"It is also a place where people can come together and collaborate and have a community," Neman said.

Ryda also builds mixed-use buildings that encourage tenants to speak to each other since they have common areas for people to aggregate.

Lendlease Director of Change, Corporate Regeneration, Development Tim Allen (center) with Ryda Development Principal Daniel Neman (left) and HQ Development CEO Robert Herscu.
Ryda Development principal Daniel Neman, Lendlease director of change, corporate regeneration, development Tim Allen and HQ Development CEO Robert Herscu

"The sense of involving people in creating the spaces is hugely important," Lendlease director of change, corporate regeneration and development Tim Allen said.

Allowing tenants to be able to personalize their spaces is vital, too, according to design experts.

Allen said he focuses his time on how to get people to make the most of the spaces they create.