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Hottest Development in LA? (Part 2)

Los Angeles Office

The completion of Playa Vista, which, as Lincoln’s Kent Handleman says seemed (as recently as 2011) just a “hope, wish, and a dream,” is now swiftly becoming a reality. We told you in Part 1 about Lincoln’s Runway project and others. Now a recap of cool stuff happening at the Howard Hughes properties that originally put the area on the map.


CBRE's Jeff Pion and The Raktkovich Company's Milan Ratkovich hopped in a golf cart (bocce ball cart?) to show us around the Hercules campus, aka Hughes Aircraft’s old HQ and Howard's personal stomping ground. We call the Ratkovich’s project the granddaddy of PV development, because it started way back in… 2010.


Here’s what it used to look like in its heyday. Besides two enormous and legendary hangars, Hercules has 11 other historic buildings totaling 537k SF, arrayed in three distinct sub-areas (kind of like Napa micro-climates): the east campus with tenants 72andSunny and Brighter; the west campus, which consists of the hangars (now used as a world class Hollywood sound stage); and the south campus, which has some pretty famous tenants... we'll tell you just whom after a word from our great sponsor.