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Space Tech Company Moving HQ From El Segundo To Long Beach


Vast, a company that builds space habitability systems, is moving its headquarters and opening a manufacturing facility in two buildings near the Long Beach Airport

The new HQ, which measures 115K SF, replaces facilities in El Segundo, where the company was previously based, LA Business First reported.

“Space Beach is the perfect place for Vast to call home," Vast CEO and founder Jed McCaleb said in a statement, using a nickname for the area of Long Beach where several space companies have clustered. "Our mission is to build the first commercial space station capable of providing artificial gravity to support long-term human habitation. This new mixed-use facility will enable us to continue to grow our engineering team, expand research and development efforts and begin the installation of production equipment, making our mission that much more of a reality."

Vast is working to build the world's first low-cost artificial gravity station, which would allow people to live long-term in space.

The city’s proximity to the ports has made it attractive to many of these companies. Its long history as an aerospace hub dating back to World War II and the hangars and industrial structures left behind near the airport have attracted companies like 3D rocket designer and printer Relativity and Virgin Orbit, which launches satellites.

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