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LA Is Second-Busiest City For Construction Nationwide

Downtown LA

Los Angeles stands second only to Seattle for the most cranes up in the country, according to the latest survey from Rider Levett Bucknall.

The number of cranes in LA is 36 as of early July, a distant No. 2 behind Seattle's 58 (and both are far behind Toronto's 81 when all of North America is considered).

LA has seven more cranes up than at the beginning of the year, Curbed Los Angeles reports.

LA beat Chicago with 34 cranes and Denver with 35. Portland, Oregon, was No. 5 with 32 cranes.

A lot of the construction in LA is happening in DTLA, including San Francisco's MacFarlane Partners' Park Fifth and Oceanwide Holdings' Oceanwide Plaza going up in South Park across the street from Staples Center.