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Leonardo DiCaprio Says Despite Reports, He Didn't Endorse Neighborhood Integrity Initiative

Los Angeles

Despite reports to the contrary, Leonardo DiCaprio is saying he did not endorse the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative set to be on the March ballot.

The organization behind the ballot initiative, the Coalition to Preserve LA, had included DiCaprio's name among other celebrity supporters.

However, a spokesperson for DiCaprio said last week he never endorsed it, Curbed reports.

The Neighborhood Integrity Initiative would curb megadevelopments by enforcing a two-year moratorium on big developments, banning most “spot zoning" and other amendments.

The Coalition to Preserve LA announced last August DiCaprio, along with other celebrities, including Kirsten Dunst, Joaquin Phoenix and Chloe Sevigny, were backers of the ballot initiative.

DiCaprio’s spokesperson says the actor signed one of the organization's petitions to save a Hollywood building earlier this year, but did not endorse the initiative. [Curbed]