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Western U Turns Dirt on Grad Housing

Los Angeles
Western U Turns Dirt on Grad Housing


A PPP between Hanover Pacific, Western University of Health Sciences, and the City of Pomona broke ground on a 173k SF mixed-use grad student housing complex containing 306 beds and 10k SF of faculty office space. It's on 3.6 acres adjacent to the private nonprofit campus, where land for new housing is in short supply. According to KTGY principalDavid Senden, the complex won't have a rec center--grad students seldom use 'em. Instead, a hotel-style lobbyfunctioning like a coffee shop will allow them to study by themselves in a public environment, alleviating "the sense of isolation that is typical in rigorous graduate programs." (Reached for comment, a grad student said "Who are you? How did you find me? Will you be my friend?")

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