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Voter Turnout Called Out

Los Angeles
Voter Turnout Called Out


New Genesis Apartments, LA'sfirst permanent supportive housing development to be certified LEED Platinum, wona Rose for affordable housing inthe Downtown Breakfast Club's Roses & Lemon Awards. (The beauty of these awards is that either one can be used to nicely accent and flavor your water.) The 106-unit mixed-use complex(452 S Main St) was developed by Skid Row Housing Trust and designed by Killefer Flammang.The Beacon Lofts, an adaptive-reuse condo project in the Arts District,got the Rose for market-rate housing.


Other honorees include real estate PR vet Dick Lewis for 50 years of marketing innovation and pro bono work. And a whole Rose garden went to several transformative projects, including the Civic Center's Grand Park, Brookfield's FIGat7th (CityTarget), theExpo LIne's extension to Culver City, and the Space Shuttle Endeavour's arrival at the California Science Center.So who got the Lemon? Angelenos' lousy 16% turnout in the recent municipal election.