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Sprinkles Opens Cupcake Store at FIGat7th

Los Angeles
Sprinkles Opens Cupcake Store at FIGat7th


Sprinkles-- the boutique bakery that spawned the cupcake craze a few years back--opened a new store yesterday at the FIGat7th shopping center in Downtown LA. To sweeten the deal, the store gave away 10 $100 "golden tickets" (gift cards) baked into cupcakes randomly soldon opening day. Founder and Food Network Cupcake Wars judge Candace Nelson called DTLA the "perfect addition" to the bakery'smix of stores. (We think Filet Mignon flavored cupcakes would be as well. That idea received a colder reception.) Charles Dunn Co's Kevin Dee and Ted Slaught repped landlord Brookfield Office Properties.