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Nominations Open! We Want To Hear About The Women Leading Real Estate In 2021

Bisnow's is asking for nominations for the most innovative and forward-thinking women in UK real estate.

For the past three years, Bisnow has produced an annual list of female real estate professionals doing brilliant things in the sector, to celebrate the diverse range of talent within UK property. 

We're gearing up our 2021 list, and we need a favour. Bisnow would love you to nominate women who have innovated, thrived and driven change over the difficult past 18 months. They can be senior leaders or rising stars, well-known names or people who normally fly under the radar. They can come from any sector of commercial real estate, with any level of experience in the industry. There are only three nomination rules:

  • They have to be active in the UK market.
  • You can't nominate someone from your own company.
  • You have to tell us why this person deserves a spot on the list. 
More than 500 people attend Bisnow's Women Leading Real Estate event each year

You can check out the previous lists herehere and here. Feel free to nominate people who have been on there previously, but they'll need to have done something new since their last inclusion. And the aim is to highlight as many new names as possible. 

Please send your nominations to by Friday 11 June — your help and support is as always gratefully received. And keep a look out for the annual Women Leading Real Estate event in September, attended each year by more than 500 people, which as always will have a great lineup of speakers and offer a brilliant networking opportunity. 

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