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Landlords Offered Cut Of Profits (If There Are Any) In Monsoon CVA

A Monsoon Accessorize store

Retailer Monsoon Accessorize has offered its landlords a cut of any potential future profits in exchange for voting in favour of its CVA proposal.

Monsoon rejected demands from landlords for an equity stake in the fashion and accessories retailer, and instead has offered a deal which could see landlords receive up to £10M a year if the company beats profit forecasts in future years, Sky News reports. The company made a £10M loss in 2017, the last year for which accounts are available. 

Monsoon has around 270 stores nationally, and around two-thirds of them could be subject to rent cuts if the CVA is approved, according to Sky.

Landlords to the company, which include British Land, Hammerson, LaSalle Investment Management and NFU Mutual, are also demanding that £30M in rescue funds be injected into the company as equity rather than loans.

In exchange for voting through CVAs, landlords have been pushing retailers for a bigger share of any upside if struggling retailers turn businesses around.

Landords to Arcadia will be able to share in a £40M compensation fund if the company’s fortunes improve, and will also share 20% of the equity value if the company is sold.

Landlords will vote on Monsoon’s CVA proposal early next month.