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Boxing Clever: The Department Store That Literally Wants You to Punch It

London Retail
Fists up: the new boxing gym at Selfridges London

Retailers are having to box clever to fight off the challenge of multi-platform rivals. But none have taken this more literally than Selfridges, the London-based department store.

The Boxing Gym, the world’s first fully functioning in-store boxing gym, has now opened at Selfridges on Oxford Street.

The 3.5K SF  Boxing Gym is on the lower ground floor of the Oxford Street store. It includes 20 heavy water-loaded rubber punch bags and a bespoke boxing ring, ideal for working out frustration when the hunt for that special designer something gets too much.

There are also 20 strength and conditioning stations set up in the space, each featuring a training mat, two dumbbells, one kettlebell and a choice of weight plates.

Private classes start at £55 for 90 minutes.

The boxing gym at Selfridges department store, London

The Boxing Gym is a collaboration with and run by BXR London, the boutique boxing club launched in January 2017 by boxing superstar Anthony Joshua and a group of investment partners including Mark Ronson and boxing promoter Eddie Hearn.

The BXR residency at Selfridges will run for a month and is part of Lamyland, the opening act in a series of projects under a new umbrella campaign called Radical Luxury.

The new boxing gym at Selfridges, London

Is boxing now radical luxury? Apparently so, according to designer and artist Michèle Lamy, who is behind the idea.

Boxing will meet fashion through a wide selection of exclusive designer and artist collaborations featuring Supreme, Everlast, Off-White, Craig Green, Gareth Pugh and Versace amongst many others.

These collaborations are available through the Selfridges Corner Shop, a retail destination launched in December and dedicated to temporary themed residencies.

Selfridges also has stores in Manchester and Birmingham.

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