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The Right Flexible Workspace Can Help Large Corporates Boost Productivity And Staff Wellbeing


The dust has settled, and businesses have had a chance to assess the impact the pandemic has had on employees’ working habits. For larger corporates, this might involve reassessing a sizeable portfolio of space.

Many are now turning to flexible workspaces to amplify their business’s culture in a way that suits their people today, said Sophie Higgins, head of sales for flexible workspace operator Fora.

“Following the pandemic, we’ve seen a flight to quality workspaces,” she said. “There’s definitive proof that businesses can successfully operate with a remote workforce, so a real incentive to come back to the office is more important than ever. An office that supports productivity in every working style, in an inspiring, enjoyable environment — with a convenient location to boot — can entice a workforce back together.”

Around the globe, businesses are incorporating flexible space into their workplace strategies. Up to 41% of tenants are expected to increase their use of flexible space as part of a post-pandemic strategy.  

However, there isn’t a set recipe for flexible workspace that works for every business. Higgins detailed several ways that large corporates can use flexible workspaces, from adopting an entire floor to an entire managed building.

“With day-to-day office management taken care of, businesses are free to focus on what matters — their business,” Higgins said. “Some will choose to make a flexible workspace their main premises. This brings huge benefits — saving the capex associated with fit-out, the ease to scale without the commitment to long-term leases. There’s also opportunity for a high degree of personalisation, allowing workspaces to feel truly their own.”

Alternatively, large enterprises might take a smaller flexible office space as part of their portfolio. This could be used as a hub for employees who are always on the go, Higgins said. 

“This provides the convenience of tapping into a vast network of spaces, or access to inspiring, collaborative space for teams in need of creative spark, away from a corporate setting," she said.

“Others will see the flexible workspace as an opportunity for a hassle-free satellite office, a UK or European headquarters for example. This allows companies to cross cities, countries or continents, whilst remaining well-connected, through the use of premium, dedicated video calling amenities and state-of-the-art technology.”

Fora offers a variety of workspaces to meet the requirements of businesses of all sizes. Its spaces that are branded Owned Office provide residents with a fully customisable home at Fora, Higgins said, whether that be a small office, whole floor or entire building. Alternatively, residents can opt for Fora's Owned Desk offer within a shared space in a Fora of their choosing, including their own ergonomic chair, storage and access to the building's amenities. 


Fora's Tailored Office product, available as an addition to Owned Office workspaces, Higgins said, is the company's latest resident offering. 

“Tailored Office is founded on the understanding that no two businesses are the same, so office space shouldn’t be either,” she said. “It provides in-office settings for every work style, which can be customised and monitored to maximise productivity, wellbeing and overall satisfaction.”

Fora's aim is to give residents a seamless workspace experience and effective working environment from day one, Higgins said.  

“But it’s not just about work,” she said. From an exciting curation of year-round events, to ‘home-from-home’ amenities, we offer a comprehensive wellbeing programme, designed to nurture the mind, body and soul.” 

With this in mind, Fora uses biophilic design, which incorporates planting, promotes natural light and focuses on ensuring high indoor air quality.  

“Increasingly, we are seeing enterprises transitioning to prioritise a holistic approach, encompassing employee satisfaction and wellbeing,” Higgins said. “To take a healthy, balanced approach to our everyday lives, we place equal emphasis on creating a productive and inspiring workspace, while making time for mental and physical wellbeing.”

As more large corporates move toward flexible workspaces, Fora has expansion in mind. While the business’s focus will remain on London due to the maturity of the market, Higgins said, the team has plans to open spaces in strategic locations outside the capital.  

“We’ve just opened our latest location in Victoria, with two further London openings forecast for later this year, in Shoreditch and the West End,” she said. “Next year will see Fora expand into new markets, Cambridge and Oxford, where we’re experiencing increasing levels of demand for our product.”

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