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MediaWorks' Launch At Stanhope's White City Place

MediaWorks at White City

The MediaWorks office building launched on Friday with a party attended by over 200 guests from the property industry and entrepreneurs from the creative industries.

Huckletree, a co-working space and tech hub, Yoox-Net-A-Porter, and the Royal College of Art will be among the first new tenants to move into White City Place this summer.

Huckletree West gave a presentation of its offering, designed by Studio RHE, as a new “Google-style” facility featuring giant "iceberg" meeting spots, a meditation room, an events auditorium and an Influencer room, where resident digital influencers can live-stream content. The facility will also house a soundproofed glass box named the exit room, where entrepreneurs can finalize their contracts in private. It will offer a crèche and child care facility, allowing entrepreneurs to spend more time with their children during the week.

Huckletree West will accommodate 500 memberships of like-minded individuals representing a multitude of industries, including digital, media, fashion and design but with a focus on business growth through technological innovation. There will also be more than 30 private studios, accommodating teams from six to 30 people, with monthly prices ranging from £550 to £650/person.

Tech entrepreneurs will have access to a Virtual Reality Studio as well as the option to participate in a weekly schedule of well-being, which includes yoga classes, guided meditation and access to a dedicated meditation yurt.

Huckletree hopes to have at least six co-working spaces in London and 15 in total by 2020.

Also on show was a new moveable podcast studio, The Pod, which was designed by Fathom Architects, and the first transferable studio of its kind to be available for public use in the UK. The Pod is a 130 SF moveable structure created exclusively for podcast recordings and is a fully functional studio seating up to six people.