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It’s Back To Normal — And People Are Fine With It


For some companies and workers, being together in the office most of the time may turn out to be good for business and lead to an enjoyable culture. 

“If you look at a company like Goldman, what they think makes them different is that dynamic, thrusting working environment,” Secure Prestbury Chairman Nick Leslau said. “And fear of missing out will drive people back to the office. People want to be near the epicentre.”

But there’s a catch. Even companies that are drawing people back to the office like it’s 2019 all over again realise they need to make the office a place people want to be — and employees will only come in if the office is a pleasant place, with good amenities and wellness facilities, Leslau pointed out. 

Your tenant wants to keep the same amount of space or even expand — but they don’t necessarily want to do it in your tired identikit office. To get them to sign a new lease, you’re going to have to do a rolling refurb of the space. 

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