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5 Of The Coolest Offices In London

With London’s creative energy, and the world-class architects, designers and developers who make the city their home, it is no surprise that it has some of the most eye-poppingly, heart-stoppingly beautiful offices in the world. Here we take a look at five offices that rock our world.

White Collar Factory


One of the most hotly anticipated projects of the year, Derwent London’s White Collar Factory was the UK’s first to get WiredScore’s Wired Certified Platinum for Development & Redevelopment badge. Tenants like Adobe, Capital One, The Office Group and Spark 44 have all taken space at the new building. With high ceilings and abundant natural light, White Collar Factory respects its industrial past while being sumptuously modern.



Google’s new offices at 6 Pancras Square feature a wrap-around terrace that is an “alternate workspace”,  a 90-meter running track, a gym, free food and drink, massages, sleep pods and a bespoke studio where YouTube stars can create videos. Cooking classes—from fine dining to butchery—are available from Dan Batten, who ran Jamie Oliver’s Recipease shop, café and cooking school. With the classes, the fitness facilities, the gazing out at the West London view from the terrace, we wonder how any work gets done.

Macquarie Bank


This banking group’s 217k SF East London office is the epitome of open space, with six wide-open floors and glass walls connected by a bright red steel staircase.  The atrium concept has been around since the 1970s, but adding functional and beautiful stairs makes it looks modern, vibrant and fun.

Innocent Drinks


Affectionately known as "Fruity Towers", the Innocent Drinks offices are as sweet as a strawberry banana smoothie. With picnic benches, fake grass (where employees are encouraged to walk barefoot) and delicious drinks to sip all summer, this seems like a pretty great set-up. 

Nicolas Tye Architects


This sleek building has glass panels alongside one of the walls of the office, bringing the outside in and bathing the entire space in natural light. The sleekness of the building is calming. Working in this office must feel incredibly stylized, like being in a perfume ad.