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The Must-Have Amenities For Super-Premium Properties (We Are Way Beyond Media Rooms)

Almost every multimillion-pound home in London will have the trappings of a resort lifestyle: a home theatre, commercial-grade kitchen, gym. But what are the newest extras that customers are demanding and developers are building? We talked with Finchatton marketing director Jenny Naylor about the most must-have amenities in the world of high-end housing. Read on and be green with envy.

Wine Rooms


Wine rooms are not just utilitarian spaces for wine storage, Jenny tells us.The whole concept has changed from an industrial cave-like structure to an experience. Because some wine collections can be worth millions and security is a premium, wine rooms have strong security with fingerprint access.Once inside, they're typically plush, with clever lighting—LED only, because it produces less heat. Usually there is a tasting table, so guests can join you for a fine vintage in a private, intimate setting.

One Finchatton customer asked for a private elevator to connect the dining room on the first floor to the wine room on the ground floor so wine could be instantly delivered.  

“If you love fine wine, these rooms are a must-have, not a nice-to-have,” Jenny says.

Secret Pools


The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea has begun putting restrictions on basement depths, as the construction is too disruptive to neighbours. Many residents are starting to acknowledge this fact, Jenny says, by having a single-story basement.  Residents have been clever in how they use their space by employing moveable floors over the swimming pools. Jenny tells us the floors look and feel so natural that you’d never guess there was a swimming pool under your feet.

Services, Services, Services


Jenny (shown here) tells us gyms, steam rooms and even spa services are de rigueur. Super-premium buyers also demand wellness services and hotel services. For those who have live-in staff, clients are demanding more thought go into their accommodations—more space and more amenities for them.

Those who have to call for their own Uber though can do so in an Uber Room. Jenny says they’re often tricked-out to show you where the Uber is and how long you’ll wait.