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Revealed: The U.K. Build-To-Rent Scheme With Your Favourite Amenities

Rooftop boxing facilities at Skyline II

The votes are counted, the gongs handed out: Long Harbour’s Skyline II in Manchester won Bisnow’s competition to find the U.K. build-to-rent scheme with the best amenities.

Three developers were brave enough to put forward their schemes to a public vote, which sought to shed light on which amenities Bisnow readers thought would be most valued by tenants: Long Harbour and Skyline II; Quintain and Canada Garden at Wembley Park; and Manhattan Loft Corp. and Manhattan Loft Gardens in Stratford.

Hundreds of readers voted, and the quality of the schemes was emphasised by the fact that there were just six votes between first and last place.

Readers were won over by Skyline II’s fitness facilities, including a rooftop boxing gym.

“It is a proven concept that is already in operation and provides a place for people to relax after a long day at work,” one voter said.

Renters James Boreham, Neil Holloway and Chrysoula Palatianou; Fossey Arora's Chotip Arora; Manhattan Loft Corp.'s Harry Handelsman; Quintain's Michael Allen

At Bisnow’s Build-To-Rent Annual Conference held at Wembley Park, the developers presented their schemes to the audience and a panel of genuine renters, who along with Fossey Arora Director Chotip Arora gave them a grilling on whether their schemes offered what tenants want in the real world. They were young professional James Boreham, mother of one on maternity leave Chrysoula Palatianou and retiree Neil Holloway.

The renters were then asked to vote on which scheme they preferred. Long Harbour took home the online vote, but Quintain’s Canada Garden was the most popular among the panel of renters.

“It’s the sort of place I can see myself living when I’m a bit older and have children,” Boreham said. “As long as there are things to do for you as well as the kids, like see your friends,” he added, fundamentally misunderstanding what happens to life when you have children.